About Fred and Lagvoid


Composer, live processing oriented sound designer, Fred Malle studied sound engineering at the Conservatoire de Paris, after electronics studies. In 1999 he met Luc Rebelles saxophonist in search of an electronic musician willing to interact with invited improvising musicians from the free jazz scene. This turned into Luniksproject, a 5 years experience between Paris and Berlin. Their LP, Jazz Frelaté (2001) has been released on Gérard Terronès’s Marge Futura label (ref MARGE 27).

Fred’s looper

In 2005, Fred, frustrated by the lack of tool to lock on improvising drummers, starts to work on what will become LAGVOID, on Cycling ’74 Max/MSP software. The first version of LAGVOID works in 2007, but has stability issues due to laptop computation limitations. A small technical demo video is published on YouTube.


In 2008, Fred composed the soundtrack of choreographer Paco Dècina’s “Fresque, femmes regardant à gauche”. Since then, he has worked for many contemporary dance shows (you can have a look at Fred’s Works section).

Since 2012, with the release of powerful laptops and reliable touchscreens, LAGVOID is used in every show Fred works on. Here is a summary of Precipitations, from Paco Dècina, in collaboration with drummer Christian Lété. Drummer is playing with dancers, and is looped to control ableton clips.

In 2013, he interacts with countertenor Sébastien Fournier and viola da gamba player Jay Elfenbein on baroque répertoire.



In 2014, Fred decided to release a song oriented public version of LAGVOID that doesn’t require programming knowledge. LAGVOID micro beta 1.13 is released in september 2015. After listening to feedbacks, a simpler version and tutorials are made at the end of 2015.

“La douceur perméable de la rosée”, from Paco Dècina, is the first show using public LAGVOID software engine.