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You can download LAGVOID for free. The software comes fully functional (no user restrictions or limitations).

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Current version : 1.24

Release 16/01/2020

Unzip archive anywhere and double click lagvoid-micro-1.24.exe .

A problem ? Ask in the forum.


Dear Mac users,
there is no Mac version this time because … I no longer have a Mac.

As Lagvoid is a Max patch, you can download free Max Runtime at https://cycling74.com/ and run the Max version of Lagvoid.

If people ask in the forum , an executable version is possible.

Max version

Current version : 1.24

Release 16/01/2020

The Runtime version of Max is free. Download it at https://cycling74.com/ and install it.

Unzip archive anywhere and double click lagvoid-micro-1.24.mxf .

Lagvoid 1.24 has been created with Max 8.1.1.



Older Versions

Older version : 1.20

Released 2016/02/11

Older version : beta 1.13

Released 2015/09/16

This version as been tested on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and OS X Maverick

known issues from user feedback :

  • resync problem when loop lenght is smaller than mother’s lenght.
  • problems when MIDI assigning mainpedal.
  • wrong color behaviour of looper modules’s record button on Mac version

Version History

LAGVOID version history


change :

  • Extended Midi Mapping
  • UI size param
  • winmme issues
  • rebuild of pre, post, and snap mode
  • auto set of lag param
  • example songs

bug fix

  • mother loop edit
  • mother enveloppe

beta 1.23

change :

  • 13 songs
  • buffer loop : 45 s

bug fix :

  • etalon

beta 1.22

change :

  • main buffer et histo buffer : 15mn
  • soundplayer : added command for player shift time

bug fix :

  • big buffer with 44.1 cste
  • config 2flow instead of input
  • buffer time warning sp rate divider
  • wrong etalon size at 48kHz

beta 1.20

changes :

  • new startup module / template files
  • automated folder path – no need to select folders
  • new midiclock engine – better control loop
  • fixed midi port selection issue
  • Max 7 version for windows users
  • new : shift player to groove with mother and export setting to midiclock

bug fixes :

  • object sizes
  • fixed generating ini file twin
  • player menu issue
  • pre record mode for input at startup
  • midiclock limits : [25-250] BPM
  • tempo limit [0-1000] BPM
  • autocord and autobigbuff recall setting
  • loop record button color and behaviour
  • loop patcher works now when loop size is 1 beat
  • loop patcher : autoplug when rec
  • float value for loop lenght
  • rec window shows record directory
  • big init at startup
  • declick mother
  • metric saved in song config
  • one resyncs loops
  • matrix patch view

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